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R.J.R shines with Diamonds for Jouvert


On Tuesday June 13, 2006 R.J.R. hosted a presentation ceremony at the Pier One Restaurant. According to a release from RJR, members of R.J.R. and their sponsors were present. R.J.R. says the ceremony was held to publicly thank their sponsors who had supported them in “revolutionizing Jouvert”. Present were representatives from Mountain Top, Karib Cable, Digicel, Building & Loan, Photomax, Travel & Tours, SVG TV and Hitz FM.{{more}}

The release states that Ricky Adams, Jerry Howard and Roger Adams were the originators of the J’ouvert effort 10 years ago. Using Body Paint they presented bands in different colours spanning the entire spectrum.

In an effort to give back to the community, RJR placed garbage bins in Kingstown one year, and donated portions of their earnings to charitable organizations such as Marion House, The Red Cross and The Salvation Army in other years.

Four years ago the group awarded two scholarships to two young people entering secondary school. Those children are now preparing to enter their final year in secondary school.

This year, on their tenth anniversary, R.J.R. are back with a presentation of “Diamonds R.J.R. Forever” at the Communications and Works Car Park in Kingstown. Already included in their lineup are Poorsah, Skarpyon, Luta with a guest appearance by Kevin Lyttle. This year, R.J.R. will offer giveaways at the gate including bandanas, bottles of paint and three complimentary drinks.