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Local entertainers team up for environmental cause

Local entertainers team up for environmental cause


Popular music artiste Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle and the up coming talented singer Tabia have joined the fight to protect the environment.

During this carnival season, revelers will not just be getting on mad, jumping, waving, or putting something in the air, they will also be heeding the call to “Get Clean”. The upbeat, catchy song is expected to be launched on World Environment Day, Monday 5th June, and is an effort by the two artistes to help bring awareness to the environmental concerns facing the nation.{{more}}

Solid Waste Management Unit’s Public Relations Officer, Joan Ryan told BuzZ that the Solid Waste Unit is grateful for the assistance given by the two artistes and thinks the song will go a long way to spread the message of environmental protection. “We are happy and we know people will like the song, it is a real hit,” stated the excited Ryan.

Ryan told BuzZ that the Solid Waste Unit will be looking into innovative ways that can be used to get the message across and keep the environment in the forefront of our people’s thinking.

In a joint effort with the Environmental Health Services Unit of the Ministry of Health, and the Forestry division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Solid Waste Management Unit has also been running an ongoing campaign to establish Environmental Clubs in our nation’s secondary schools.

The clubs are expected to raise environmental awareness among school students, tackle environmental issues in various communities and even promote the beautification of the country. Clubs are already operating at the Carapan and Georgetown Secondary schools and several secondary schools in the Grenadines are in the process of setting up their clubs. It is hoped that 15 clubs will be in operation by year’s end.