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No female Queen of Calypso

No female Queen of Calypso


Accusations that the Carnival Development Corporation, CDC may be discriminating against female calypsonians by not staging a Queen of Calypso Show this year have been described as preposterous by CDC Chairman Dennis Ambrose.

The CDC Chairman admitted to SEARCHLIGHT that not only was the Queen of Calypso Show losing appeal with patrons, but that it suffered mainly from a lack of participation by female singers.{{more}}

The Chairman revealed that the big name contenders like Joy-C who is ill, Princess Monique who is now residing in the U.S. and Pat Ralph and Kahalia Beache who are sailing on cruise liners, would be unable to compete. He said this left the show with approximately four participants, which will not be enough to stage a show. Ambrose pointed out that the show needed at least eight female calypsoninas to provide patrons with a good package. He reiterated, “There is no discrimination, we are not trying to disrespect the ladies, we know that they can hold their own in any national competition. But we want new singers to come out and bravely represent themselves and their issues.”