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‘Magnificent Seven’

‘Magnificent Seven’


On June 3, a new queen will be crowned from a batch of seven women vying for the Miss St. Vincent and the Grenadines 2006 title.

From all indications, critics are pleased that beauty and brains have met each other halfway in this year’s pageant and this, coupled with the girls’ high enthusiasm, makes it likely that patrons may experience a little push and shove to get into Victoria Park, as this year’s crowd is expected to surpass last year’s turnout of over 8000.{{more}}

Searchlight got a chance to mingle with the contestants when the press got “up close and personal” with the ladies on Saturday, May 12, at Young Island.

Danielle Ollivierre, a 21-year-old lass from Sion Hill, should bring some excitement on the night of the pageant; she is sponsored by Caribbean Awnings.

Her bright smile and calm demeanour will certainly take back seat when she gives an “energetic performance” on the night of the show.

What would be certainly surprising is if her talent on that night is different from the expected, her dancing.

Danielle has indicated her interest in setting up a dance institute here in St. Vincent, and with her recently completed Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and Dance from the Hillsborough College in the United States, all bets are out that a dance routine would be her first choice for talent. “My dream was to be a part of the Miss SVG pageant ever since I was a little girl, and I have always been performing and singing on the stage, so this year is my year to go into the Miss SVG pageant,” she told Searchlight.

A bright and articulate contender, Danielle is expected to score high in the interview segment, an area that often proves to be the deciding factor when the scores are closely grouped on pageant night.

Sponsored by Bailey’s Irish Cream, 19-year-old Karen Veira is another vibrant contender in line to wear the crown. Karen, who graduated last year from the St. Vincent Community College, purposely took a year off from her studies to enter the pageant. The teen, who currently helps out with her family business, has always had her eyes set on wearing the Miss SVG crown.

Karen is no newcomer to pageantry, having participated in the Miss Little Independence pageant at age seven, winning the Miss Young Leaders at age 13 and placing first runner up in the Miss Talented Teen pageant in 2002. she promises a “whole new Karen” on June 3.

Being blessed with the voice of an angel, and having won previous pageants utilizing this talent, many would be surprised if she does not use her singing to her advantage.

Arianne Browne, a Mije model, is someone who loves charity work. The 23-year-old is sponsored by the Vincentian Publishing Company.

In the June 3 pageant, Arianne’s natural and untamed character might just do the trick.

Boldly admitting her competitive nature, she regards herself as not being in any way disadvantaged in comparison with the other six contenders.

“I love a challenge and I am quite confident I’ll give of my best. I have been working really hard at my talent,” she expressed.

With a warning to the men, the lanky lass, the tallest of the batch, is claiming she has “something special in store for the guys on Miss SVG night.

“The ladies shouldn’t feel left out but I have something planned specially for the guys,” was her bold hint to Searchlight.

The 22-year-old admitted singing and dancing are not her areas of strength, giving the indication that both acts are more than likely out the window where her talent performance is concerned.

Having been in six pageants before, confidence and experience is what could be the advantage for Miss Mustique Company Limited, 18-year-old Naressa Ollivierre.

A conversationalist at heart, the petite 5 foot 1 inch contestant scores big where confidence is concerned.

Naressa is a past winner of the Miss East St. George, Miss Culture Pot and Miss Independence pageants. She has also participated in the Miss Easterval, Miss Inter Secondary School and Miss SVG Talent Teen competitions.

A very active and athletic person, Naressa expects to use energy to fuel her performances.

She will wear a locally designed gown on the night, and promises patrons something they have never seen before.

Twenty-year-old Jihan Lampkin admits to being a bit of a tomboy.

Sponsored by the National Lotteries Authority, the calm young lady originates from the farming village of Rose Hall.

Having been in two pageants previously, Miss Petit Bordel Secondary School and Miss North Leeward, the rosy cheeked contestant started out in pageantry “just for the fun”, but now after experiencing two previous pageants, the night of Miss SVG will be a “may the best girl win” contest for Jihan.

“This is the most prestigious pageant in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, (and) we are going to give of our best,” Jihan said.

An employee at the St. Vincent Coast Guard, the aspiring engineer who usually is a bit timid, will certainly toughen up her attitude for June 3.

Jihan has the right attitude and on June 3, she will certainly be “putting her best foot forward”.

A journalist by profession, Sheridan Lewis has gained enough experience as a people person to handle the pressures of pageant night. Her interview segments might prove to be her advantage. The 22-year-old has always wanted to be a contestant in the Miss SVG pageant.

A former Miss Girls’ High School and Miss SVG Talented teen contestant, Sheridan will bring those experiences to the stage.

“Over the years I have always disciplined myself to develop and transfer my weaknesses into strengths and on June 3, I’ll be doing just that,” Sheridan said.

With intentions of becoming a recording artiste, singing might just be the preferred choice for her talent.

The Roy’s Inn sponsored contestant will use a local designer to get her ready for the evening gown segment.

Nathally Harry, an 18-year-old Technical College student, admitted her reserved nature to Searchlight.

But don’t write her off just yet. Her composure is by choice and might just be the antidote for an intimidating night on stage.

Sponsored by Canadian Bank Notes, Nathally portrays a mixture of elegance and natural style, all of which might be the right mix if she can pull it off on Miss SVG night.

With ambitions of a career in the hospitality field, her motivation is to win the crown, and more importantly, the scholarship that comes with it.

Expect a “brand new Nathally,” she calmly told Searchlight.

This contestant might just do well in the evening gown segment, once she carries her Trinidadian-designed gown well.