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Calypso Tents ready for Dimanche Gras night


Despite the absence of the Stars Calypso Tent and the Calypso Theatre from the big yard, President of Calypsonian Association Hassan Kennedy is optimistic that this season would be a good year for Calypso.

Kennedy, who has been charged with leading the Calypsonians’ affairs for the past two years, was in high spirits when he disclosed the line up for this year’s tent action, during a Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) press conference on Tuesday.{{more}}

The first Tent to be opened will be Graduates on May 23. The show will be in benefit of Aloma “Fatty Dan” Codougan who is battling breast cancer. A highlight of the Graduates opening will be the re-emergence of former opposition Senator Gerard “Rasum” Shallow to the calypso arena. Graduates returns to the arena at Carnival City Victoria Park, May 30.

The North/South Leeward Tent will have new song competition winner Derek “Man Sick” Alexander as part of their line-up on May 24.

May 27 will see a celebration of Kaiso with the On Tour Calypso Tent.

Mighty Sparrow and six-time road march winner Cornelius “Poorsah” Williams will ensure a big night as guest performers at the event. Proceedings from the On Tour show will go towards the St. Benedict’s Children’s Hospital in Georgetown.

It will be a new feeling when Upstage Experience brings their line-up to Victoria Park on May 28. Among the artistes slated for the Upstage parade are Poorsah, Skinny Fabulous, Skarpyon, Bomani, Great Zee and newcomer lawyer Lydon George.

Café Omar will be the home for overseas-based Calypso Tent Dynamites on June 9. Twenty persons will be selected for the Calypso Semi final carded for Friday, June 30. Ten of them will progress to the Dimanche Gras showdown set for July 9. They will come against reigning monarch Glenroy “Sulle” Caesar in the bid for the 2006 crown.