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Training for mas men

Training for mas men


With Carnival fever already in the air, things are certainly looking bright for the June to July festivities. A training workshop for mas men was officially opened last Friday evening at the Peace Memorial Hall under the theme, “Enhancing further professional and skills of our Carnival Adjudicators and mas men.” {{more}}

Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation, Dennis Ambrose said that the workshop is a way of enlightening and re-energising the artisans. He said from the CDC’s standpoint the importance of this continued education in furthering cultural development is a pleasing one. The chairman stressed that, “It is an opportunity for sharing knowledge and widening our scope in the many talents which exist among you, and which is demonstrated in the product we call Carnival.”

Ambrose went on to say that it is a pity that people who should be more appreciative and supportive of the efforts of the Carnival-makers are so lacking in their team spirit and sense of loyalty. “It is sad when we begin to compare the artistry of mas with a ‘sweat fete’ or referring to our Carnival as a ‘watered-down’ version of another Carnival. We are unique in our own ways and will not lose sight of that quality.”

Cultural Minister, the Hon. Rene Baptiste said she has seen tremendous improvement in mas design and also management levels not only at Carnival but at other events. Baptiste said that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the leaders in bringing mas to the international scene. Minister Baptiste further added that the essential ingredient to Vincy mas is the mas and the masqueraders and that it needs to always be improved.

She urged the mas men to be professional in their work. “We have to continue to make our product the very best, get to the park on time, get your masqueraders ready for the stage,” stressed Minister Baptiste. Vincy Mas officially kicks off on June 30 and climaxes on July 11th.