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St. Vincent Brewery Limited adds new brand to product line-Energy boost

St. Vincent Brewery Limited adds new brand to product line-Energy boost


The St. Vincent Brewery Limited has launched another new exciting product for its local market.

On Wednesday, May 3, members of the press were introduced to its new brand VitaMalt PLUS. The product is an enhancement to its original brand VitaMalt classic, with ginseng, royal jelly and aloe vera added. {{more}}

According to Wayne Murphy, sales and marketing manager of the St. Vincent Brewery, the new Vitamalt brand, with its added supplements, is designed to improve mental and physical sharpness.

“Vitamalt has been an innovator for more than 100 years and continues to deliver exciting new products to consumers that raise the sophistication of Malta,” Murphy said.

Murphy noted that the unique brewing process separates Vitamalt Plus from other maltas. “It is a new kind of malta. we are meeting consumers’ demands by providing Vitamalt Plus which contains more of everything… Vitamalt Plus is a refreshing and nourishing malta drink made of natural ingredients giving you both instant energy and long-lasting health benefits. ginseng boosts energy, royal jelly improves concentration and aloe vera maintains proper digestion,” Murphy added.

Murphy also mentioned that persons attending the launch of this year’s Carnival festivities at the Chamber and Industry car park on Saturday will get a chance to sample the product.

St. Vincent Brewery Ltd. has contributed $100,000 for this year’s Vincy Mas, and on Wednesday, two mas bands, Blondie Bird and Friends and Dragons, were the recipient of donations as part of the Brewery’s sponsorship. A monetary donation was also made to the Vitamalt Maples netball team.