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Movie roles, new album for Rihanna

Movie roles, new album for Rihanna


Barbadian born singer gone global, Robyn Rihanna Fenty has proven that she is no one hit wonder.

Buzz introduced you to her in a previous edition, when she was 17 years old. A year later her success keeps mounting.

Since Rihanna signed onto her music label Def Jam with her album “Music of the Sun”, the beauty has not stopped shining. {{more}}

Rihanna has rocked the microphone with Gwen Stefani and made crowds sweat in her travels around the world.

She has posed for magazine covers and is currently shooting her first film role in the movie “Bring It On Yet Again”, which is the sequel to the movie “Bring It On”.

Her 2005 hit song, “Pon the Replay” was one of the most popular recordings for that year, and this summer her new single “S.O.S.” is already making headway.

NIKE’s has been using “S.O.S.” as the theme song for their latest women’s line and working on the commercial, which was choreographed by Jamie King (who has worked with Madonna and Shakira), was a thrilling experience for the teenager.

With its hypnotic, retro electro-funk, 80’s classic beats, DJ’s keep pounding the tune on airwaves while the music video has been topping VH1 charts.

Other tracks that are doing well include, “Tainted Love”, “Kisses Don’t Lie”, “A Girl Like Me” and “Unfaithful”.

The 18-year-old singer said she, like many other young people have to deal with life, love and broken hearts in the same way a woman a few years older may have to deal with it.

She admitted that her songs express the things young women want to say but might not know how to.

Rihanna revealed, “These songs document the tragic decay of a relationship when cheating creeps into it.”

She stressed that a lot of male artistes sing about cheating as if it is a game, but noted that cheating causes pain to both parties.

The Bajan beauty explained that many times she didn’t have anyone of her age group to talk with, so when she’s recording she pretends that she’s having a personal conversation with girls her age.

The hectic life she now leads in pursuit of her dreams, she said, is great, but it’s not glamorous. She practically lives in the recording studio and the day never seems to end.

Rihanna wakes up at 5 a.m. to start rehearsals, training, schoolwork, interviews and finally video shoots. Although it is hard work, Rihanna admitted that her love for music would never change.

Before doing a shoot for the song “Break It Off” with Sean Paul in Jamaica, she visited Bob Marley’s Museum and felt like Marley’s spirit was in the studio with her.

She admits that she has grown up fast in the past year living in the U.S. to record, leaving her two younger brothers and mother, but believes dedication and responsibility have helped to make her dream come true.