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Sergeant Bread is now the Land Lord

Sergeant Bread is now the Land Lord


One needs a name to show how much you are in charge of your game…

Roger Thompson, who once went by the sobriquet “Sergeant Bread”, has changed his stage name to “Land Lord”.

The artiste who hails from Stubbs said he is changing the name because he has excelled and needs a name to reflect his accomplishments. {{more}}

“One needs a name to show how much you are in charge of your game so I chose Land Lord because that represents superiority,” said the popular dance hall artiste.

He said changing his name was always in the pipeline.

“It was supposed to be my singing name ever since but after Sergeant Bread caught on I just stuck with it,” said Thompson.

Currently, the new Land Lord has two hit songs that have been smashing the airwaves. The songs are “Spell Trouble” and a response to Nanko’s “Lucky You”.

The artiste said he is currently working on other tracks “and Vincentians can expect me to be as fiery as usual in the calypso, dance, reggae and soca genres of music”.

He started writing songs in 1996 and began singing them one year later.

Once the artiste formerly known as “Sergeant Bread” is on the roster to perform, one can be assured of a good performance. The youngster has rocked numerous school talent shows but the one that stands out in the artiste’s mind is one held at the Geest Shed on April 4 2002 when he entered a sound clash with music man Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle.

“The point where everyone realized my superiority is during this clash,” the Land Lord bragged to SEARCHLIGHT shortly after he had won the competition.