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Miss Easter Teen 2006

Miss Easter Teen 2006


She started out organising little shows in her backyard when she was just eight years old, and today at 21, Naverne Joseph has seen her dream as a queen show organiser become a reality.

Despite having few resources at her disposal, Naverne ensures that from the contestants participating in the show, to the doorman collecting tickets all get rewarded for their contributions at every show. {{more}}

But at the end of it all, the Byrea resident admitted, often after paying bills she ends up with nothing. She however revealed that she derives joy from giving young ladies the confidence to perform on stage.

Her first big event was in 2004 when she organised the Miss Byrea Pre-Teen show, the second was Miss Easter Teen, next was Miss Young Promoter and this Saturday March 25 at the Visions Night Club at Byrea will be the 2006 Miss Easter Teen pageant.

Joseph stressed, “I constantly tell my girls that they are beautiful no matter what. People usually give them negative vibes when they enter beauty pageants, but they have to learn to keep their heads up.”

The beauty show organiser said that when her contestants get booed or heckled on stage, she teaches them that no matter what they should always wear a smile.

She explained, “I don’t like to see girls pushing their mouth and getting upset on stage because they didn’t win or because somebody shouted something bad at them in the audience. They must be able to rise above all that and still be a queen.”

Joseph, who also aspires to one day become a singer, credits her aunt Nell Mc Dowall for the support she has been giving to her shows.

The seven contestants in the Miss Easter Teen show are: 14-year-old Miss Byrea Flat-Cherry Joseph, 16-year-old Miss Byrea Hill-Ria Roberts, 14-year-old Miss Diamond-Sasha James, 15-year-old Miss Georgetown-Shanni Shallow, 14-year-old Miss Lowmans-Esha Charles, 17-year-old Miss Overland-Normanique Clarke, 16-year-old Miss Sugar Hill Vanessa Moore.

The show, which takes place this Saturday, will begin at 8pm at the Visions Night Club.