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La Gracia performs this weekend

La Gracia performs this weekend


Come Saturday January 14 2006 the La Gracia Dance company will be expressing the art of dance through a production called “Reflections” at the Peace Memorial Hall.

The event will celebrate the 5th anniversary of the group and its achievements over the years. {{more}}

Besides their bodies, the 30 member strong group will use props, costumes and music among other things to bring their audience to the peak of excitement.

Founder of the organisation, Maxine Mavorn Browne who is studying for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica said she loves to teach.

Browne sees dance as way of bringing out the best in people, especially children and hopes to pass on this passion to others. The choreographer said that the group has performed at numerous events throughout the country and overseas and envisioned that La Gracia will be around for years to come.

She credits Kenelm Beache, the St.Joseph’s Convent Kingstown, the Questelles Government School, the Ministry of Culture, her church and God for her talent.

The lover of Spanish gave the group the name “La Gracia” which means “Graceful” in English.

The La Gracia Dance Company are the 2004-2006 National Dance Champions and won a Bronze medal in the recently concluded Regional Dance Festival, which was held in this country in December 2005.

The show “Reflections” which comes off tomorrow at the Peace Memorial Hall will begin at 7pm.