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Local beauty wins in BVI

Local beauty wins in BVI


Full figured Regional Beauty Queen Diana Jackson shows her trophies and crown proudly after winning the Miss Big and Beautiful pageant in St. Thomas. Jackson, who is also the sister of Soca “Nookie” man, Jamesy, said she is now on a mission help full-figured women gain confidence in themselves.{{more}}

Diana Thomas is proud to be a full figured, 40-year-old woman and that confidence radiated at the 2005 Regional Miss Bold and Beautiful pageant in St.Thomas Virgin Islands on November 18.

The confident Vincentian took the Miss Intellect, Swimwear and Talent categories from Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Barbuda, Jamaica and Dominica.

From there Jackson will represent the region at the Miss International Big and Beautiful in St.Thomas in March 2006. Jackson said she was anxious to represent ladies who had some “Meat on their bones” since many of them have inferiority complexes because of their weight. She said that she weighs 200 pounds but thought of herself as being 100 pounds lighter every time she hit the stage. The entrepreneur however admitted that she was a bit nervous appearing in the swimwear in front of the huge audience but because she had a positive image of herself she believed that confidence shone through and stunned the judges. The North Union resident also said that it was her ability to use some of the colloquial phrases of the Virgin Islands, while keeping it Vinci and representing her country that swept up the audience.

A mother of four children, Jackson emphasised the importance of sharing her confidence with others who may have self-esteem problems. The saucy talker explained, “Vincentian ladies need to understand that Sugar never comes in small barrels and I always loved to compete and do my best ever since I was at school. Full figured women must speak up and be heard. Remember, the bigger the better.”