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Everything nice for Beenie Man

Everything nice for Beenie Man


It’s been a month since Moses “Beenie Man” Davis’ spectacular performance at Victoria Park, but the night is still fresh in the memory of the hundreds of Vincentians who attended the show. While here Beenie Man took the opportunity to meet many of his adoring fans, but for those who didn’t catch him up close and personal, Searchlight newspaper has the exclusive just for you. So here’s your chance to go inside the mind of the Doctor and for those of you who think you know him…think again!{{more}}

Q: How do you feel about coming to SVG?

A: Everytime it’s just nice vibes. St.Vincent and the Grenadines is just like Jamaica and it’s a part of the whole Caribbean movement. Well it’s a part of the people who love Beenie Man and support through all the years. So it’s a part of my fan base you know. It’s part of my home you know I love St.Vincent 100%.

Q: What are you going to give the public here tonight?

A: Nothing but the best, I give nothing but the best I don’t give no off drop, I don’t give no off performance. I give a full performance with all of my heart, all of my love all of my energy. All of me …me here to share it with the people dem. Everything dem ah go get tonight.

Q: What kind of advice do you have for young upcoming people who try to imitate you?

A: Keep it up! (laughs) Yeah…you see if you nah keep it up, you nah reach no way, ah so it is.

Q: What you think is the ingredient for your success? You are so cool. You are a guy that has worked with big names like Janet Jackson but yet you sit down on a beer bottle crate with no fuss in this tent before the performance.

A: It is good to be important but it is more important to be nice. To yourself and to everybody…Yeah!

Q: I think that’s what Vincentians love about you because they can sense you’re genuine. They know a rat when they see one but they sense your roots and reality. Anything you want to say about your crew?

A: Well ah Beenie Man and Shocking Vibes so everything set nothing else ah day dey. I hate that you see me because ah nothing we already international superstars. We already hit platinum we already do all that, you understand? We get Grammy award. We already do all of that. So it makes no sense I sit down and dwell pon dat. You know? That ‘s done already. It’s what’s coming up for the future and what’s coming up for the future is my new album called “Undisputed.” We have R. Kelly, Akon, Fugees, Bone Crusher and we have Kevin Lyttle.

Q: Who has been the most important person that you have ever worked with?

A: God Almighty! Man is just a man, but God is most important. Regardless of how long you have been hearing about a person or celebrity, he or she is just a person. God Almighty is the greatest worker, when you work with God you can’t go wrong.

Q: What is the secret to your


A: The secret to my success? I was born to do what I am doing, so I was born to be successful. That is the secret to my success.

Q: So your overall message is?

A: Be strong within yourself and be firm and you can be like the Beenie Man and the Rough Cut Crew for the people. My message overall is love. Up side, down side, way around the corner, you know? My message is love. Love yourself; love each other and if you don’t love yourself you can’t love nobody else. So you have to just love yourself.