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Collette Jones to stage ‘Pizza Man’


Centre Stage Productions, a local theatre group will be putting on a hilarious comedy called “Pizza Man” for two nights at Roy’s Inn.

The play focuses on two women who share a cramped apartment and have bad experiences with the men in their lives. But one Friday night they begin drinking and relating their woes to each other and come to the conclusion that they need to rape a man. {{more}}

After the long night of talk, the roommates feel hunger pangs and order a pizza, which coincidentally is delivered by a chauvinistic “Pizza Man.”

They agree to execute their plan on the delivery guy and…well that’s all you’re going to know for now!

If you want to know more about how this play turns out, get your ticket now.

The show can be seen for the first night on Saturday, August 27, from 7 p.m. where there will also be sampling of international wines and cheeses. On the second night, Sunday. August 28. from 5 p.m., a variety of teas and hors d’oeuvres will be served.

The three man cast is made up of internationally acclaimed Guyanese actor and comedian Henry Rodney, renowned artiste Collette Jones who is also the director of the thought provoking comedy, and seasoned actress Sue-Mona Moses.

The play was written by Darlene Cravioti. Don’t miss it!