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Regional Fashion Exposé, Symposium for Crown Plaza

Regional Fashion Exposé, Symposium for Crown Plaza


With the Caribbean Single Market and Economy CSME, coming into play, Trinidad and Tobago is making efforts to integrate itself along with Jamaica, St.Lucia and St.Vincent and the Grenadines in the fashion industry. This would come in the form of a Regional Fashion Exposé and Symposium at the Crown Plaza in Trinidad and Tobago from August 27 to 28. {{more}}

The two day event has been funded by the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited, NEDCO of Trinidad and Tobago, which is an organisation set up by that government to provide funding for persons interested in becoming small and micro-entrepenuers.

Corporate communications manager, Sandrine Rattan, said the Trinidadian government recognised a gap whereby lending institutions such as banks, were not willing to assist small and micro-development business ideas. She noted that not only does NEDCO provide financial assistance, but it also gives business advice, training and opportunities to entrepreneurs.

The communications manager noted that the company which was established three years ago, has a client base of approximately 4000 in businesses ranging from agro-processing, light manufacturing, garment and fashion designing. Rattan said that the region’s leading fashion houses would be at the event as well as pieces from up coming designers from NEDCO.

Rattan noted that the aim is to also bring together regional policy makers and people in the fashion industry so that a paper could be drafted and sent to CARICOM as a means of moving the fashion industry forward.

Rattan met with the Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves who indicated that he could not attend, but more than likely, Minister of Tourism and Culture Rene` Baptise would be present.

Rattan said, “We have a lot of talent but we have to be the ones to move forward. People talk, but the time is now to put all heads together so that the fashion industry could move forward at the level we want it.”

There would be booth displays in hair, fashion, cosmetics, make up and the fashion expose` with designers from different parts of the Caribbean.

Regional buyers and traders are also expected to attend. Rattan said this would be the first of its kind and once successful it would be an annual event.