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Who’s madder than whom?

Who’s madder than whom?


The Hot 97.1 Machel Montano Show dubbed “Casanova’ lived up to the hype it was made out to be. Montano sent the ladies wild from beginning to end with his gyrating hips and had many of them stretching to reach the mid-section of the Soca Casanova. {{more}}

But the treat came when legendary rapper Doug E. Fresh came onstage and showed his “beat box” skills. He made sounds with his mouth that the backing band found hard to imitate and the crowd went into a rousing applause in appreciation for the legendary rapper who is the host of Piddy’s, HBO’s DEF Comedy Jam. In a brief interview with the Searchlight Newspaper, Doug E Fresh said that he has been to almost all the Caribbean countries and this was his first trip to St.Vincent. He described the island as beautiful and said that he enjoyed performing with Machel Montano, whom he called the number one Soca artiste.

Meanwhile Fireman Hooper’s “MAD” song caused much disturbance at the show. At one point Fireman was seen perched on the roof of one of the pavilions and seemed to be aiming to jump off. On another occasion, Fireman commanded the crowd to jam into the back area of the four court facility but this caused many people to get trampled provoking at least one fight to break out. This left a section of fence around the netball court broken.

In a brief interview Luke Boyea the organiser of the show and manager of Hot 97.1 said, “Fireman should be more careful with his song. People could get hurt.”

He was at the time assessing the damaged fence after the brief fracas.

Other local acts at the event included Icon, Skinny Fabulous, Karen Veira, Allergy, DJ 20, Sexy Sugaz, Signal and Jamesy P. Local Soca Monarch King Fireman Hooper and the former Trinidadian Soca Monarch Machel Montano also had a lyrical battle.

Fireman Hooper commanded the crowd to sit and roll on the floor, but the much more experienced Machel counteracted Fireman Hooper’s command by saying, “You have the power to let them sit, but I have the power to make them stand. Get up people, get up!”