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Problem Child – music on his mind

Problem Child – music on his mind


He was the guy back in his days at Grammar School who would crack all the jokes and playfully tease other classmates hence the nickname, Shertz “Problem Child” James.

But Problem Child is also known for his ability to entertain as a dance hall artiste who loves Soca and blends the two genres together to create his unique sound. He said that Soca music is fun and people are appreciating it. With confidence he expressed his hope of making it big in the entertainment industry, “I believe that I posses everything that it takes to make it. I have been doing this for over 15 years so I don’t see myself beneath any artiste. I pursue anything I do to the fullest and I can do just as good or even better. That’s why I would be putting everything into my music.”{{more}}

He acknowledged that he came from humble beginnings and admitted that growing up was a struggle. He reminisced, “When you’ve been at the bottom with no TV, or anything like that, there is only one way to go, but up! I have realised that if you don’t speak up you won’t get noticed. Plus if you’re gon-na be an artiste you have to have self-confidence, or you will fail before you even start.”

Problem Child, who is living in the United States, credited Vincy artistes with having a lot of talent, “Most of them are in-credible, and the average ones have the potential. I heard like a million and one songs on the radio and they are great, but we need more unity among artistes. Kevin Lyttle did what he always wanted to do and we’ve got to give him his props for being successful, I hope he continues.”

Problem Child said that he likes artistes like American rapper, JayZ whom he considers the best rapper alive, and admires him for the confidence he gives off on stage. He des-cribed JayZ as a smart business man who is building an empire. He said that he ad-mires the rapper for keeping out of jail and staying out of trouble. Problem Child said that his songs are real and have lyrics that people could relate to. He also appreciates the music of Jamaican dancehall artiste Vybes Kartel whom he said is skilful at putting his lyrics together.