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Madzart releases Mad Symphony

Madzart releases Mad Symphony


Reon “Madzart” Primus has dominated the Soca arena in this country for a few years, and now he has released his debut solo album entitled “Mad Symphony”. The album has new tracks and some, which were previously released. In an interview with Searchlight Newspaper, Madzart said that he is pleased with his efforts and the producers who have worked with him. {{more}}He said his favourite song on the album is track number eight called “Love You Forever,” but there are 21 tracks, which include interludes. He described his album as well rounded, with a presence of up tempo music, from Ragga Soca, to dance hall to Latin flavour, to the traditional Vincy style calypso music. He noted that Trinidadian Soca Monarch Bunji Garlin also did two tracks on the album and local acts such as Aretha, Fireman Hooper, Spragga Lex, Fah Fah and Premium can be heard on the Mad Symphony album.

The artiste who writes his own songs said that to get his songs he would feel a ‘vibe’ and it would just flow. He confessed that some songs take a couple seconds, but others take a couple years before he gets it right.

The Soca artiste said that his name Madzart came from the great classical musician Mozart, hence the name of his album. He said he has similar interests in music and his “mad genius” comes out in the music. He jokingly remarked, “Maybe I am just Mozart reincarnated because I have that love for music.”

His next move is to go to London and New York for the various festivals there with the band members of HS Phaktor.