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Dancers return from Canada

Dancers return from Canada


After months of training in Canada, three local dancers have returned to share what they learnt with Vincentians. The three are Norlan Jackson, Juanita Phillips and Gedion Buntyn and they all expressed joy to receive the opportunity.

Norlan said that it is her dream to become the best dancer that she can be and to share her skills with Vincentians. She said that she was on an eight-month programme, while her other two colleagues were on a six-month stint. {{more}}

They learnt various moves in African, Caribbean, Modern and Ballet amongst others.

The 20-year-old admitted that the moves were intense, exciting and sometimes funny and she preferred the energetic dance moves. Norlan said that classes were held from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Ballet Creole School of the Performing Arts where choreographers showed them how to use their bodies to express art. She noted that Trinidadian Patrick Parsons who invites Caribbean, US and Canadian nationals to his academy for training ran the facility.

The dancer stated that there were opportunities to go to dance theatres to see other performances, which was also an eye opener. She stressed, “I want to teach what I have learnt so badly, there is so much that I’ve learnt. I want to urge other dancers to never to give up, get information about what you are interested in and pursue it!”

Juanita Phillips also expressed similar sentiments and expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Tourism for the opportunity. She noted that the dance techniques she learnt were new to her and have helped her to get better at the art. Juanita noted that dance helps her keep mentally charged and she loves it.

Meanwhile, lone male in the programme, Gideon Buntyn said there needs to be more male dancers. He said that his experience in Canada was a great learning experience but being the only male dancer in class has proven that males are shying away from the artform.

Buntyn said males need to forget about the stigma associated with male dancers being homosexuals and should see dance as a way of expressing themselves while keeping fit.