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Fine Sack back with new hits

Fine Sack back with new hits


Sydney “Fine Sack” Bobb, from the village of Dubois in the Buccama Valley left St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the late 80s for United States following his primary school education at the Dubois Government School.

He returns home occasionally, especially during the Carnival season and participates in the carnival activities all the time with an emphasis on calypso and soca.

According to Fine Sack, “After visiting here during the carnival season and hearing some of these soca and calypso artistes, I believe I can do better lyrically. At school I was good at writing poems, so one thing just led to another and in 2002 he produced his first two songs, “Up in ah Vermont hole” and “Hope School”.

In 2004 he joined the South Leeward calypso tent and sang “Me Rate Yoh” in which he paid tribute to those that had made outstanding contributions to the Vermont community. He also produced a Monday T-Shirt band and was satisfied with the support from the people in the Buccament Valley.{{more}}

This year ‘Fine Sack is back with “Tek It Back” and “Me nah badder pan all yoh” and another Monday T-Shirt band.

Fine Sack sees himself one day winning both the calypso monarch and road march titles, something he is working very hard to achieve.

He also believes that the electronic media can do more. ‘They do not take time out to listen to the music of the other artists,” he laments.