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Fanatics sweeps J’Ouvert

Fanatics sweeps J’Ouvert


J’Ouvert Fanatics has done it again.

Heavy rains last Monday morning did not succeed in washing out J’Ouvert celebration. And the Fanatics swept the J’Ouvert competition claiming first spots in the Ole Mas Band, Individuals, Ole Mas Couple, and J’Ouvert Queen categories.{{more}}

The typical Carnival lover shouted: “No rain can stop the party”.

The rains poured for hours but Vincentians waited in earnest for it to cease. As soon as the showers lightened J’Ouvert lovers took to the streets.

Creativity in various capacities such as designs and ideas expressed by the number of J’Ouvert bands were lauded by the many onlookers and passers-by.

Winning the judges’ nod this year for runner up in the Ole Mas Band category was Green Hill Sports & Cultural Club, Sharpes Massive placed third.

For the Individuals category, J’Ouvert Fanatics placed second and Sharpes Massive, third.

Second and third went to J’Ouvert Fanatics in the Ole Mas Couple category.

J’Ouvert Band of the year was awarded to Devils, second went to Pink Panther and third Smile Orange.

J’Ouvert King was won by Sharpes Massive, while J’Ouvert Fanatics placed second and Burt Francois third.

Second behind J’Ouvert Fanatics in the J’Ouvert Queen category was awarded to Baby Blues.The Monkey Band is Back was awarded a special prize.

Patrons retired to their homes later Monday morning with great expectations of a big evening jam following the hyped up feeling the J’Ouvert left them with.