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C&W Starlift does it again

C&W Starlift does it again


Cable & Wireless Starlift swept the competition aside to take the 2005 Senior Panorama Championship trophy. They retained the title with a rendition “Who is the band” written by one of their members Kingsley “Hero” Roberts. {{more}}

The arrangement of the piece was done by another Starlift member, Errol ‘Siah’ Isaacs, who has been with the Old Montrose-based outfit since its inception 38 years ago.

Starlift beat Potential who did Muddy Knight’s “Do so” into second place. Third went to Rhythmix which continues to rise with a Kevin Browne and Sean Sutherland arrangement of “We love we Carnival”. The National Lotteries Authorities Sion Hill Euphonium placed fourth with a Tillal Webb’s arrangement of Roland ‘Rolly’ Bowman’s “Put down yo guns”.

The fifth position went to Elite Steel Orchestra with “Sing to go” arranged by Wayne Commissiong.

This show formed the first section of the multi sector Dimanche Gras show.