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Casynella shocks them

Casynella shocks them


The shock was evident as Casynella Ollivierre, Miss St. Vincent and the Grenadines, heard her name announced as the Miss Carival 2005. It was news that brought tears of joy to the petite lass.

The 19-year-old, who got the judge’s nod from nine other contestants from around the wider Caribbean region, also took the Best Swimwear and Best Interview categories and tied with Tricia Swartz, Miss St.Lucia, for the Best Evening Gown.{{more}}

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT after the crowning, Casynella stated that she was overwhelmed and very happy. Admitting that she had felt an enormous amount of pressure before the show, the new Miss Carival winner said that she called on the “prayer station” at church and asked for “coverage” to enter the show.

But all did not go well for her during the show and she recounted that everything had been going smoothly until the talent segment: “The velcro pieces on the pants I was supposed to rip off were just not functioning. I got them around 3:30 that evening and I had not practised with them, and I could not perform as I would have liked to. I really apologise to the Vincentian public for that.”

Looking relieved that the show was finally over, Queen Casynella stressed: “Many other persons would have said “that this is not working and I’m going to give up, but I had a fighting spirit and I held it up.

“Despite the fact that I felt that I couldn’t go on, I held it there and I went on and I finished it to the end and I’m very proud of myself for that. And for that I also give thanks to the Almighty for just seeing me through all that heartache.”

She continued: “I didn’t think I could win after that, I didn’t think I could make such a big come back, but I still had the faith. I would really use it as a testimony, especially in church to let people know that despite all odds, God never leaves you and he would never forsake you. No matter how you think things are, it could actually be better than you thought.”

Marylyn Roache Ollivierre, Casynella’s mother, said that she always prayed to the Lord that her daughter would win: “Casynella was always an obedient child who listens and would carry out instructions. Since she was nine years old she entered the Mayreau Government School pageant and she always had that confidence. I wish that she would keep on climbing to the top, because there is always room for improvement.”

Justlyn, a nine-year-old sister, herself an aspiring queen contestant, said that she felt very proud of her older sister because she had the confidence to win.