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Skarpyon puts the sting in his music

Skarpyon puts the sting in his music


Just like the name of one of his songs, his vocal cords tend to “set the ladies hearts on fire” and this artiste goes by the name of “Skarpyon.”

Hailing from the Mesopotamia village, Shernelle Williams as he is also known, came up with the stage name after his favourite movie “Red Scorpion” and decided to go with that name too. He said that he could identify with the name because his songs like “Looking Fine” gives a similar sting as the creature, but he made the spelling unique and added the “YON” to the name spelling as an abbreviation of “Beyond.” {{more}}(An indication of where he wants to take his music) The Sagittarian born Skarpyon believes that he has been blessed from birth to do music and credits his teachers at the Evesham Primary School for realising that talent in him. “I used to do a lot of drama, art, folk singing and I even sang in the National Youth Band, but my dream is to be on top of the world in the music business.”

For the entertainer this dream means being versatile in his music and from the range of songs on his 11 track self entitled album, he has made strides to live up to that expectation. Skarpyon said that gives people a taste of the kind of music that is mashing up the music industry and what the girls would love. “I try to stay away from songs that make me shout too loudly, over time that would damage your voice. If you listen to many of the Soca artiste back then and compare them to how they sound now you would hear the damage in their vocal cords.” The Raga Soca King said that he loves performers like Usher and Michael Jackson and stressed that although Jackson is going through a rough trial if he puts his focus back on God he would make great music again.

In the in the interview with Searchlight newspaper Skarpyon emphasised his trust in God to conquer the negative criticism he would receive, “You can’t give up, you really need to follow your dreams. There are people out there who are idlers and are jealous of what you are doing. When you are rising to the top there are people who are there to pull you down but look your enemies straight in the eye and if do good to them.”