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Casynella ready

Casynella ready


Just returning from her talent practice, in a relaxed T-shirt, tights and a cap, newly crowned Miss SVG 2005 Casynella Ollivierre, is very confident that she will be crowned Miss Carival.

Flashing a confident smile, the 19-year-old said everything was falling into place. She admitted that she was a bit tired from the hustle and bustle of the local leg of a pageant that came in the middle of her exams, but said she knows how to work under pressure. {{more}}Casynella noted that she ws looking forward most to the talent segment and revealed that she would be doing an ensemble at a new level, but would still portray the Vincy vibes.

She revealed that her evening gown would be designed by Vincentian Alex Grant, who is known for work done in Vogue magazine and New York Haute Couture fashion scene. She declined to reveal details of the colour and design of the gown, but stressed that Grant was a designer who keeps very high standards.

Ollivierre however noted that her swimsuit had been ordered from the sexy Victoria Secret line while the accessories to compliment that segment were ready.

On her mental strength, Casynella confessed, “Winning is not just about the physical attributes or just planning out strategies, it’s about your mental capacity to undertake and then see things through to the end.”

She stated that her ultimate goal was to enter the Miss Universe pageant, as she considers Miss Carival the training ground for the international pageant.

While the improvement of the Lewis Punnett home for the elderly would be an issue to address, Queen Casynella revealed that her main focus would be the acquisition of lands and the settlement of people living on the private Grenadine island of Mayreau. “Even if it takes me to Parliament one day to represent my people, I would do that. The people have no idea of what is going on and no arrangements were made to have a meeting to dispense the lands.”

She stressed that surviving on the one and a half square mile island with a population of over 400 was difficult. “Ninety percent of the people are self employed and have to survive on their own. There is no help from the government; no resources are put there other than a school, a wharf and the recently established electricity plant. These are basic needs we deserve. We have difficulties getting stuff from the mainland.”

She promised, “You would see a reign that you have never seen before. A former queen took the political platform, but I will go to parliament to have the issues raised because the people of Mayreau are hurting.”