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Javorne ready for final walk

Javorne ready for final walk


While all nine contestants are busy preparing to be crowned Miss SVG 2005, last year’s winner Javorne Williams is preparing to step down as the reigning royalty.

She advised the next queen to be the best representative she could be and to remain true to herself. “Don’t let anyone bring you down, you are only as strong as your mind is. Shun the negative and embrace the positive. You can only build on your mistakes.” {{more}}

And of course Williams can tell from her experience just how she has become stronger from her trials. She was heavily criticised for being on the NDP political platform, where she read a citation for Dr.Linton Lewis, at his launch as political candidate for East St.George.

She noted that soon after her exams results, which were not favourable, were published in a newspaper, her “sister called [me] at Cave Hill and told me that people were asking around about how I was doing at school. When I finally saw what was published I wasn’t feeling in the best of moods, I was very distraught. I didn’t expect that it would turn out that way, I felt very hurt. I had never done Linguistics before. I was just settling myself to do the course.”

Williams confessed: “It was hard because I had already done poorly in those exams and then I had some other exams. I missed my family. I had to cook, clean and wash for myself. I admit that I made a mistake, I didn’t think when I was asked to be on the NDP platform. I guess I was a bit gullible. I wasn’t thinking about Miss SVG. If I were to go back, I definitely wouldn’t do it again.”

The 2004 Queen however noted that while she was on campus, she did her best to represent St.Vincent and the Grenadines as a tourist destination and many of her friends have promised to visit for the Carnival season. “I am trying not to lose focus, I am taking things cool, one step at a time. I am not going to stress out. These experiences have definitely made me stronger.”