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‘Akcess’ brings fresh musical note

‘Akcess’ brings fresh musical note


There is a new sound in Town, and it’s coming from a combination called Akcess. The driving force behind this institution is Junior Sutherland. He is a graduate from the Jamaica School of Music and imparts his knowledge in practical ways.

Sutherland has proven to be one of the nation’s most creative arrangers, and with his JR Studios as his happy stomping ground, Sutherland has distinguished on this country’s musical landscape. {{more}}

Having served himself in several formations, including trumpeter and keyboardist, Sutherland has extended his involvement with the Akcess outfit.

They made their debut at the Sun Dance Concert at the Cruise Ship Berth last Monday evening.

The band shows: Sutherland: keyboard, Leroy Gilbert: bass, Joseph ‘Rus’ Cyrus: guitar, Shaun Vincent alto saxophone, Rohan Billingy: trumpet, Maxwell Bennett: drums, Aretha Shallow, Kahalia Beach and Orlando Foster: vocals. Vincent Reid is manager and Marlon Mayers Technician.

Akcess will be active on the Calypso Tent circle this year providing musical accompaniment to the “Graduates” in the first instance.

And that is not the only assignment Akcess has lined up. Their programme has extended beyond carnival in July with a Reggae Festival on for August.

Sutherland, a teacher, with music as a specialty, is bent on ensuring “development of the men in the band.”