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30 years of faithful services!

30 years of faithful services!


The Associate Pastor and members of the New Life Ministries held a surprise appreciation service for Pastor Wendell and Lady Beverly Roberts celebrating 30 years in ministry last Sunday September 11. The service was held at their church located at North Union opposite the New Grounds Primary School. It was attended by members and friends of the pastor and his wife. Brother John Lewis president of Evangelical Association represented the organisation of which Pastor Roberts is the treasurer.

Pastor Cheryl Ann Dublin spoke on behalf of Lady Roberts with whom she worked for many years at CIBC and now FCIB. She spoke of her humility firmness and example in adhering to what the bible says, and encouraging others to do likewise. Minerva Latham a member of the church spoke on behalf of the church; she spoke of the pastor’s leadership qualities and how he is a father to the people she also mentioned their faithfulness and humility.

Businessman Cleve Lewis long standing friend of Pastor Roberts spoke on his behalf. He also reiterated his faithfulness humility and commitment to God over the many years he has known him.

Pastor Gevandine Wilson friend and brother in ministry brought the message which was a challenge to continue to be a living sacrifice while remaining faithful and focused.

Pastor Roberts and his wife have been giving pastoral care since 1975. They served at Carierre, Sans Souci and for the last 10 years at North Union. They live at Lowmans Hill (LD) and travel to North Union at least four times per week o conduct various ministries.

Pastor Roberts worked at ECGC for many years in the accounts department but left there in January 2000 to work full time in the ministry. His wife who has always been his closest friend and companion recently fully retired from her job at FCIB. Their three children who are now grown Christians continue to give moral support and provided tokens of appreciation for guests attending the service.

Pastor and Lady Roberts were presented with gifts of appreciation from the congregation.

Congratulations to Pastor and Lady Roberts. Continue to work hard as your labour is not in vain.