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Choosing the layout that works for you


We touched briefly last week on work triangles for optimum space usage, functionality and efficiency in the kitchen.

However, there are other conditions and situations that may require you to do things differently. You can have an “L” shaped kitchen, or a “U” shaped kitchen.{{more}}

There is also the galley kitchen and even the single wall kitchen. All of these different shapes would require different techniques in the layout. I’m stressing a lot on layout of your kitchen because no matter how good a joiner you have or how nicely your cabinet looks, if your kitchen isn’t properly laid out then you will have functionality issues.

For the “L” shaped kitchen you have to look long and hard at your own personal taste and style of working in the kitchen to have your space properly laid.

The same thing applies to the “U” and galley shaped kitchens. In some cases the kitchen shape was already decided long before the cabinetmaker arrived at your home, because of the shape and the layout determined by the Architect.

Whatever, the shape of your kitchen, make sure your cabinet maker makes the best use of it to maximize every available space in the room. You will need every inch of it!