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The location of your kitchen

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Nice to be back with you, we couldn’t wait for today! You’ve heard in the past that there are three important factors to consider when setting up a business, they are : 1. Location, 2. Location, 3. Location.

Well, there are four important factors to consider when planning your kitchen: they are 1. Location, 2. Location, 3. Location and 4. Location.{{more}}

The first location has to be thought of in the initial stage when you sit down with your architect to plan the layout of your new home. Where you locate your kitchen in the house is the first major, very important decision! That position would determine, most of the time, the shade or colour of the kitchen, how important would be the details of the kitchen; it would determine as well, the role the kitchen plays within that space, and whether it is there to serve as a workstation or a showpiece or both.

Second – location of your stove, third- location of your refrigerator and finally location of your sink.

Most people don’t really realise it, but where you position these 3 major items makes a big difference with how functional, practical and efficient your kitchen is.

You can end up with a big kitchen with a lot of dead and non-functional space and as soon as 3 persons enter the kitchen the room immediately becomes claustrophobic.

Space is key when planning your kitchen. Put all the major things in the right place to create a work triangle so when you plan your next family get together, no one would have an excuse not to help out in the kitchen. Have you ever seen a kitchen that is really big and nice but all the appliances are all in the wrong place? It’s really hard on the eye … we will have to continue this conversation in next week’s issue.

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