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Get the right plan in place before making a decision


PERHAPS IN THE past it was okay for you to just grab a carpenter, go to the hardware with a piece of paper and pick up some things that you need to build your kitchen and then you buy the material you need as you go along. IT IS NOT OKAY TODAY!{{more}}

If you intend to spend over $4,000.00 on any part of the kitchen be it in labour or materials or both, GET A PLAN IN PLACE!

You might think that it is cheaper to hire a carpenter than a professional kitchen company to do your kitchen, remember what you gain in cheap labour you lose in improper planning, and that loss would be greater because you may be stuck with something that just doesn’t suit your needs. Bear in mind that you would not be able to redo it since cost was the major factor why you went that way in the first place.

Some companies don’t necessarily sit with you and discuss how to customize the area for your needs, they simply push you in a direction to buy what’s available.

Absolutely nothing is wrong with, that just make sure you get what you want and not what someone else is trying to sell you.

Before you make a decision, here is the million-dollar question you need to ask yourself. Would this unit (kitchen) serve the need that I have right now and cater to the upcoming needs say in the next 5-10 years? If it’s a resounding YES then get out your cheque book, your shopping days are over but if there is ANY shred of doubt… go back to the drawing board, remember we said last week, you can have almost anything in kitchen these days… for a price of course…

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