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Design something to fit in well with living style


Over the next few weeks, we will look at the dos and don’ts to bear in mind when designing a kitchen and other things to bear in mind to achieve maximum returns on your kitchen.

We will also answer common questions such as how do I design something to fit in well with my family’s living style or my cooking needs?{{more}} Do the kids spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking or doing homework? How much should the kitchen really cost? What kind of material would make the kitchen pop or flop? Where in the house should the kitchen be located? What theme does the house lend itself to? Is it contemporary, traditional, country, Mediterranean, Victorian, straight line etc.

Does the house carry an open feel or is it mostly closed off into sections, what about the type of lighting in the kitchen? Should I seal my kitchen to the roof?

Oh we are just getting started! Over the next few weeks we would address all of these issues and more, one by one.

Angelica and Rayan James

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