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Cheesy Garlic mashed Potatoes


I am very particular with certain things. When it comes to potatoes or even eddoes, I don’t like them just like that, but mash them and add some flavour and I’m in love. I am pretty sure this dish would be just as delicious with eddoes as well. So feel free to give either version a try.

You will need:

2lb / 1kg Potatoes, peeled & diced into chunks
1 cup Cheddar cheese, grated (or more if you want it EXTRA cheesy)
1/ 2 cup cream or milk
2 heaped tbsp Butter
1 tbsp Butter, melted to top (or more cheese!)
Fresh Chives, to serve
Oil, as needed
Salt & Black Pepper, to taste
Garlic and Onion (fresh grated or powdered) to taste


Place your potatoes in a pot of water and bring to a boil. Boil until knife or fork comes out tender (15mins or so) then drain and place back in the pot. If you have a food processor or mixer, you can use one to make the potatoes completely smooth. Add 2 tbsp butter, cream or milk and other ingredients. Mash until lump free. Place in a baking dish, pour over 1 tbsp melted butter (or extra cheese) and bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 20 mins, or until golden and bubbling. Allow to rest, then garnish with fresh chives.