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In Memoriam

In Memoriam


ri, Mar 9. 2012

In loving memory of Festina Viola Hillocks of Biabou

Sunrise: 6th November, 1933
Sunset: March 9th, 2011

It is now one year since you were taken away, but you still live on in our hearts, it is not how you died, but how you lived, it is not what you gained, but what you give, to bring back a smile and banish a tear, you befriended those really in need, you fed, sheltered and clothed them, all acts of good deeds, you taught us to love and always be kind, even in difficult and trying times, our hearts were left broken when your father, took you home, but we comfort ourselves knowing we all have a day, when the master will bring us to reunite with you.

Death leaves no wound no one can heal, but memories are special treasures, no one can steal, we will treasure your memories for the rest of our lives

Sadly missed by children Rosemarie, Carlita, Magnola, Walcott & Sheldon, grandchildren, many relatives and loving friends.