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Aubrey Lionel Providence

Sunrise: 4th Sep. 1926
Sunset: 25th Nov. 2010

The family of the late Aubrey Lionel Providence thank all those who attended the funeral, gave words of encouragement and sympathize with them during the passing of their loved one.

To a father who watched and helped you grow up, a father who was always there providing for the home, the sustenance for life, for your life, to a father hard worker, shop owner, husband, brother, grandfather, a man of Church, and so much more, to a father whose life cannot just be measured by dates, that states life begins, life ends but by the depth and breadth of the life in between, to our father thanks for the memory, the love the guidance through our growing pain, to our father, who lived a comforting life, so long until, au revoir and goodnight.

Sadly missed and lovingly remembered by family and friends