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My neighbour is a slob

My neighbour is a slob


Hi Rosie,

My neighbour is a slob. Their house is always unkept, their lawn is out of control and they never clean up their garbage that falls out of their bins. They are loud and obnoxious. I wish I could move, but I’m stuck here for a bit longer.

Tell me, what can I do? The other neighbours feel the same way and we are just frustrated. I almost called the cops again, but they only get a ticket.


Dear Slobs,

This one is difficult. Telling your horrible neighbours that they are not neighbourly is going to be challenging.

The only thing I can come up with is maybe getting the other neighbours together and perhaps forming a neighbourhood watch and beautification project? With rules and regulations that everyone can follow. Maybe having annual dues so it can go towards improvements for everyone to enjoy.

The plus about this is that the committee would be able to give fair warnings when people break the rules and they could be give out fines for repeat offenders. Otherwise keep calling the cops or code enforcement, something will have to give.

Good luck with this very delicate situation.


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