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I’m losing my mind in quarantine

I’m losing my mind in  quarantine


Dear Rosie,

I am truly trying to deal with this quarantine, because there are SO MANY people in my home it’s too much. There’s my mom and dad, four sisters and two of them have three kids between them and one has a husband. There is my grandmother and also my aunt. We are all in this three-bedroom house with a bathroom and a half. It is difficult to be under this roof day in and day out. One of my sisters with her hubby was visiting us on vacation and became stuck here so the house is fuller than normal.

Most of us are out of the house at work normally with active lives, but this unusual situation. But it’s the large personalities and opinions that I can do without. So I go out for walks, I journal and I try to zoom with my friends. But Rosie I am losing my mind! Do you have any suggestions? I don’t want to snap at my family because I truly love them even though they are also working my nerves too.

Tight quarters

Hello Tight Quarters,

You have brought up an issue that is happening ALL OVER THE WORLD. This is such an odd time in history right?

Thankfully even though your family maybe a bit close for comfort, you are safe in place with them.

I can hear the love you have for them, but you also need a break. You are doing all of the right things such as getting daily exercise, journaling, chatting online with your friends to mention a few. But I want you to look at this another way – you are having this very unique experience right now to reconnect with all of these people who are closest to you. Very shortly these dynamics will change and recapturing this time may never happen again in your lifetime.

So when they are being loud, overbearing, intrusive and in your business, take a deep breath and step back. Realize that you will be back at work soon, reconnecting with your friends on the outside and indulging in your day-to-day activities. You may even realize that you will miss this period of togetherness. So share more of yourself with them and grow from this experience. This maybe one of the most important times in your life, so cherish the chaos.
Good Luck and be safe,


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