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I was betrayed by my best friend

I was betrayed by my best friend


Hi Rosie,

I’ve been betrayed by my best friend and I’m devastated. She has joined forces with my arch enemy… I can’t believe that she did what she did.

Rosie, all of the time that we spent out together she was also hanging out with my enemy. I can’t believe that she was sharing secrets that I told her all along.

This then turned around to bite me in the back, all because my best friend betrayed me. Now the enemy has betrayed her and she wants us to talk and try and work it out.

Should I trust her Rosie? I don’t think so. But my other friends say that I should give her a chance. What do you thin?


Dear Betrayed,

I would be upset too. If I had a best friend that was also friends with my enemy, I would be upset for days.

But this is up to you entirely. Truthfully, most people would say that you shouldn’t even talk to her. There is a saying that once someone shows you their true colours, believe them. To me, she is showing you her true colours. But if you want to give her the benefit of the doubt you certainly can.

Just remember that you should be very cautious when listening to what she has to say to you. Then the decision is ultimately yours; do you forgive and move on? Or do you respectfully listen, but let her know that you can no longer be her friend. So the ball is in your court. Make sure that you follow what your heart tells you to do and not what other people think.

Good luck, sometimes these painful things happen so you can learn a lesson from it or protect yourself, choose wisely.


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