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I slept with my boss!

I slept with my boss!



Let me get to the point, I slept with my boss! Yes, yes, I already know that this was a huge professional and personal mistake. Not only is this man married, he’s scum, and we did it twice.

I am 28 years old and a junior accountant in this firm. I’ve been there for three years now and I hate it! I fell for his charms and now I think the rumour is going around the office. I do not want this to ruin my future goals and also my integrity. Do you have any advice? Help me here, I am so upset.


Dear Disappointed,

At least you have come to the realisation that you took a huge misstep. But I am not here to judge you because, many of us have done something disappointing at some point in our lives, so we just have to learn from it and move on.

My immediate advice to you is stop having sex with your boss. Please do not put yourself in any compromising positions to be seduced or suggested to by him, period. But above everything else,

is that you should actively start looking for a new position with another company. Remain focused while you are looking and know that you are reinventing yourself and moving forward from this mess. Sometimes these very life changing experiences are here to set us on a very straight and narrow path going forward. It lets us recognise when things are going off the rails and shows us we are compromising our integrity.

Don’t beat yourself up, lesson learned. Dust yourself off, focus on your end game and don’t look back.


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