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I have to go away to work, but I am nervous about leaving my children


Hey Rosie,

I have to go away to work. I have two young children and they are going to stay with my sister and her kids. The problem is that I am so uncomfortable with her living situation. Her live in boyfriend is so very verbally abusive to her and their kids that I’m afraid of what he will do to my kids when I am not around. I don’t see my sister standing up for them because he’s so abusive.

I am leaving in three weeks and I will be gone for six months, what should I do? I don’t have anyone else to leave them with and I am going to be paying my sister every month to look after them. When you hear about all these stories of children being hurt I am very nervous to leave them.

Help Me

Dear Help Me,

This to me is a very serious predicament you are in; it is one that has no easy answer.

However, if you would like my opinion I wouldn’t leave them with her. I always believe in going with your gut instinct and this is one of those times.

Yes of course you need to go and make money to support your family, but, at what expense? If you see that your sister’s man terrorises his own family, it is highly likely that your children will fall victim to this treatment as well.

I would seriously rethink your plans. I don’t know your day-to-day situation. Maybe there is a non family member who you trust more with regard to caring for your children? If not, it is my opinion that you may have to postpone this opportunity until you have a more stable environment for your children. They come first.

I wish you the best as you make your next moves. I know you will do what’s best for your family.


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