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I think that I am being played


Hey Rosie,

I met this chick on a dating app. She is a 10! This is the problem, we live in two different boroughs and every time we are suppose to hook up she has an excuse! This has happened at least five times already! But the kicker is that she has hit me up for money a few times and I’ve Cash app her about $200 already! Rosie, I think she is playing me and has no intentions of us meeting. She is always busy or something comes up. What should I do?

Feeling used

Dear Feeling used,

Yes, this feels like you are being used! I think you may have to cut this off, my friend!

Let me tell you something, online dating and apps are not bxwad thing, especially if you are a busy person, but you have to be very cautious. 

You can get “catfished”; this is where someone on the other end of the screen pretends via text etc to be someone else in order to get you emotionally roped into their game.

I would cut this off before you become more emotionally involved. Do NOT send any more money either, she is using you my friend. I would try to meet other women in your own social circle of friends, work, the gym etc. In fact, I would go as far as to block this girl, she is a user.

I truly hope that you can find someone who is willing to put the same efforts into a relationship like you.