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I can just retire from him!


Hello Rosie.

My hubby and I keep butting heads about everything! Finances, our grown kids, past infidelities, in-laws and the list goes on and on.  So much so he really makes me consider leaving him. Rosie, we’ve been together for 32 years and I don’t need this drama anymore! We should be coasting and enjoying our lives now.  We have a few more years before we retire and I feel as though I can just retire from him! I know he says he’ll never leave, but God knows I will if he can’t get it together. Help !


Dear Tired,

Now this is sad, after being with someone for so many years and still have these major trust issues along with your power struggles must be exhausting!

I always like couples to exhaust all their options when it comes to counseling and marital intervention; but it seems as though you’ve been going through this for many, many years with non resolution.  I’m going to say at the end of the day only you can decide what is enough for you.

Even though your husband says that he would never leave, there has to be a mutual agreement or understanding of what you are trying to achieve together.

In this case it’s a workable and stress-free relationship – with the necessary tools to work out your issues when they come up. Nobody needs this type of stress, especially just as you are about to enter into your new phase of retirement. These should be the best years of your lives coming up.

This is your call, hopefully whatever you chose will work in your favour. I do hope you can sit down and talk to your hubby about how you feel and he can recognize that he will also has to get on board if he wants to save this relationship as well.

Good luck.


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