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I’ve had enough


Hey Rosie,

I’m stuck in a tight spot. I am living with my very nosy and overbearing aunt. I’ve been with her for the last three years when I moved to the United States. She’s in my business 24/7. She carries gossip back to the family and she is so demanding. She wants me to do her laundry, pick up her kids, clean and I still have to work (2 jobs) and go to school In the evenings.
I know I should be grateful that I live with her and pay not as much as if I were on my own, but at this point I need to leave. She has a daughter who is two years younger than I am. She is 20 and does not do any of this stuff. Should I go?

Fed up!

Dear Fed up,

I get it, you’ve had enough! You are living the classic old time saying, “come see me and come live with me are two different things”.
You are at a crossroads and you have some difficult choices to make. Even though you’ve had enough, you may want to pump the brakes on moving out and just finish school. Remember, once you’ve graduated your earning power grows exponentially.
Family can be complex and also very annoying, but sometimes we have to weigh all of our options. Take deep breaths, hatch a plan, stick with it and you will be free soon. Also take walks, journal and deep breaths. You will not have to deal with this forever. I wish you continued success with school!


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