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I am fed up of my boyfriend’s name being called with other women

I am fed up of my  boyfriend’s name being called with other women


Hey Rosie,

 I am a young independent woman in desperate need of your advice. I am in a relationship with my boyfriend for five years now. During the past five years my friends and even family members are always telling me things about my boyfriend bad that he is cheating on me. Almost every week my boyfriend’s name is being called with a different woman. As far as I can see, every single woman he talks to people always watching him and saying he is cheating. Rosie, I am confused because I don’t know if I should believe my friends and family, or my boyfriend. Deep inside my heart I want to believe my boyfriend, because I trust and love him and I know that he definitely loves me, but I am fed up of hearing his name being called with other women. I cannot stop my boyfriend from talking to whoever he wants to, because I know I would not like that for myself.

All this confusion is not the only problem I am having. You see, Rosie, I am now starting to realize that I am developing feelings for someone else. I have been watching this other person for the past two years and it is safe to say that we like each other a lot. The thing is we are both in a relationship. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want the relationship with my boyfriend to come to an end, but I feel like if I am given the opportunity, I will cheat with this other person. What should I do? Should I believe my friends and family and break it off with my boyfriend? Should I tell my boyfriend that I am in love with someone else?

 Please help me!!

Dear Please help me,

This isn’t a good move. It’s one thing that your boyfriend is an alleged cheater, but to join him in the same behaviour is definitely wrong!

If the “big cloud“ over your head is his cheating; you have to address it and make a decision about where you go from there. Even if you believe him, it is in your best interest to find out the truth. Why live locked in a lie?

Now in regards to being attracted to another guy – THIS is too much drama! It would seem that you are also creating additional chaos in your life and truly, who needs this? Stop. Take some time to re-evaluate your life and then decide who you would like to be with (if anyone at all) and take it from there. Maybe you should just take a break for a while and enjoy being “free”. You may not even be ready to be in a relationship, period. 

Take a breather, stop complicating your life and you will make better choices in the long run.


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