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My husband doesn’t want to leave his mother’s nest


Hey Rosie,

I want to move out of my mother-in-law’s house, but my husband who is definitely a “mama’s boy” isn’t trying to leave. He sold me on living with his mother when we got together, saying we could “save” money. But it was really because she cooks for him and washes his laundry, even though he’s a married man with a three-year-old son himself.

I need to get out of here because there is no privacy! How can I get him to get on board? If he’s not willing to make the move I will have to move on with our son.
Grow up

Dear grow up,

Ok, I must be missing something here, are you also having other issues with your mother-in-law? I get it that this arrangement is not a good one for you, but to walk away completely seems a bit extreme.

Look, before you do something very drastic, sit your man down and tell him how you feel about him not wanting to leave the nest! Set some realistic goals to get out on your own.

Sometimes it is difficult for our loved ones to break away from their comfort zone, but if they are given the opportunity to expand their boundaries there can be a lot of growth.

Don’t make a rash decision, you should make every attempt to get over this hurdle and give your marriage a fighting chance.


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