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How do I tell my in-law to mind her business


Hey Rosie,

How can I tell my wife’s aunt to mind her business? She is a lovely lady, she babysits our two little ones, brings over great meals at least three times a week and even does our laundry (we don’t ask her ) she just does it! She has no kids, no man, has a great job and my wife and her sister are like the daughters she never had. But she always has an opinion. She throws away our stuff when she’s straightening up our place and makes decision about our kids without asking us! Again, I think she’s great, but both my wife and I are getting very tired. How do we tell her without hurting her feelings? Oh, she also has a key to the house as well.


Dear Done,

I started to smile, because I thought about that song,”mind your funky business” and how you can hum that to yourself when you find yourself getting upset.

Ok, seriously now, this is a problem. Auntie means well, but she is totally running the show and will need to be reigned in. So you and your wife will have no other choice but to sit her down and tell her how you really feel.

Remember it’s how you tell someone something that really makes all of the difference. So of course you will let her know how much you love her and all that she does for your family. Let her know she is very generous of spirit, etc.

Then you explain to her that she needs to ask both of you when making decisions about your children, she should not throw out your stuff without asking you and any other issues that may be annoying you. Remember it’s how you say it. Let her know that you are very grateful to have her in your lives, you just need some respectful boundaries between you.

I wish you the best with this conversation.  


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