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My teenage daughters are in two different worlds!!


Hi Rosie,

I have two teenaged daughters, 15 and 16 years old. In fact they are less than one year apart. Problem is that they are so far apart in personalities. I thought that they would have been each other’s best friends but not so. I am very close to my brother and sister, we would still to this day hang out, go on vacations and holidays together. But not these two, they are either shouting at each other, they have different friends, have different interests and the list goes on and on. One is an athlete and the other is an artist, so they are in two completely different worlds. The only thing is that they are kind hearted kids and always try to help those who are suffering or they standup for those who are being bullied etc. How can I get them together Rosie? Before you know it, they will be in University and truly on different paths, I need them to become closer and understand that they should have each other’s backs.

Upset Mom

Dear Upset Mom,

My friend you really have to take a few deep breaths here. You do realize that your girls are VERY NORMAL right?

If you were to poll a bunch of other mothers out there they would tell you it’s not all peaches and cream with their teenaged offspring at home.

You lucked out, the fact that you have an incredible relationship with your sister and brother is amazing and I applaud that. But please do not place that type of expectations on your children. They are going to be just fine and they also know that family comes first.

Occasional reminders and family activities will help to cement these rules. But to “force” them to become best buds? Well that is a not going to happen my friend. Appreciate their differences, their contributions, verbally let them know that you are so very proud of the

young women that they are becoming and let them know that you know they will have each other’s backs. Then walk away , it will all come together in their own time, what they are going through is very normal.

All the best to you Mommy, you are doing a great job!


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