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This has got to stop!


Hi Rosie,

My boyfriend’s BFF (best friend forever) is trying to flirt with me behind his back! I can’t believe he’s so bold. He sends me very suggestive texts, he tries to touch me on my arm or butt when my boyfriend is looking away, and he even tried to kiss me once.

I’ve never encouraged his advances and in fact, I told him that I would tell his friend (who is like his brother ). He said he wouldn’t believe me! Rosie I told my family and a couple of friends, but I don’t know how to tell my man that his friend is a creep!

Help Me!

Dear Help Me!

Ewww yes, he IS a creep! No real friend would do this! Something tells me that he has done this in the past and has gotten away with it or even indulged! Good for you for sticking to your guns.

Look you have no choice but to tell your man plain and simple. He needs to know what kind of “BFF” he has hanging around him ! This has got to stop!

Now please know that it can go either way. He can believe you and turn his back on his friend, or he can totally believe his friend and your relationship will be over. However this is one of these times you must stand strong in your principles and deal with this nonsense head on.

Again I applaud you for not encouraging his highly inappropriate advances.

Good luck, Rosie

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