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Another baby is on the way, making my home situation worse


Hey Rosie,

I DON’T GET along with my father-in-law. I married his daughter about two years ago and I moved into his house to save money. I also had a child from another relationship then we had a new baby. Needless to say it’s a tight fit and things are very tense . We are constantly at odds, it’s at the point where we aren’t speaking to each other. Things are difficult job wise and finding a place that we can afford is difficult. Now my wife is pregnant again! He is going to flip out!

Help me

Dear Help Me,

This is a toxic environment if I ever heard of one. You are going to have to work even harder to get out of this house and provide your own space for your ever growing family .

You and your wife will have to sit down and have a talk about creating a serious game plan. You will have to decide what type of sacrifices will have to be made so you both can come up with ways to make more money and on a consistent basis.

It is not fair for you to be there still. Especially when you can’t say how long you will be there. Your father in law feels that you aren’t doing enough and you need to prove him wrong.

You may have to take a job that will make you sacrifice some time away from your family, but take that opportunity to SAVE your money and set your goals to move out. This can be done, just become super focused at the task at hand.

Good luck !


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