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I GOT INTO a huge fight with my sissy and now she and I are at war for everything! We were always close, she was my best friend and we would tell each other all of our secrets. Now due to a minor disagreement about clothing it blew up and we are not even speaking to each other.

We both live at home with our parents and older brother, we all have good jobs and contribute to the household. Our Mom is very annoyed that we are not speaking to each other for the last three weeks and has said if this continues much longer we can get out! My thing is that why is my sister so mad? Why did this little thing as borrowed clothing cause us to break apart like this? I miss her and would like to fix it, but every time we talk it ends up into a shouting match.

Miss Her

Dear Miss Her,

Sadly this happens every now and again between siblings and it could lead to family rifts, if it is not addressed quickly and appropriately.

I think there was an undercurrent brewing for a while between you both. I think you guys may have had a few small disagreements but you just swept it under the rug and now the rug is lumpy with a pile of unresolved issues between you both. This has NOTHING to do with not loving one another, but this situation just escalated into a bad place.

Let me also quickly address that you are all grown adults still living under one roof and it may be time to start thinking about becoming a tad more independent and moving out. I think it is time. You are living like teenagers, borrowing each other’s things without asking, not having much privacy and little opportunity to grow independently. Frankly I think you guys need space.

Now maybe, with the help of a respected family member or friend who can help broker a truce between you both, this can work. Be open minded, be apologetic, find some middle ground and be respectful. I think this can be resolved – but I think it is time that you guys create some healthy space between you, so give it some serious thought about moving out and being truly independent. You will all come to appreciate it.

Good luck! Rosie

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